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Who's Bugging You?

>> Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Caller ID is a wonderful thing. It enables you to see who is calling. And if you know them you can answer. But what if you don’t know them? What if the same number, a number you have never seen before, keeps calling? Look them up on the Reverse Phone Registry.

It’s pretty cool, actually. It can trace landlines, mobile numbers and even unlisted numbers back to their owners. So now, after you *69 that blocked number you can call them back, use their name and say, “I know where you live” in a really creepy voice. Hence, the bugger becomes the bug-ee...


Bubbi 7:30 AM  

I have been looking for just this type of site.

PS--Thanks again --the Leap Frog material arrived.

(sorry--I have been so sick with sinus junk)

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