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Brenna's First Day of School

>> Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's Brenna's third year of preschool so she's "old hat" at the entire process. She posed quite prettily in her jumper and new tennis shoes beside her old backpack filled with school supplies and new Tink folder.

First Day of School Collge

Upon arrival at school she wanted to "be the leader" into the building and settled into class as though she hadn't had a summer away.

After school we met Grandma at Cheesecake Factory for a celebratory Strawberry Shortcake. Delicious cake, big scoops of ice cream, fluffy whipped cream and frehs strawberries...

It was big enough for four people. Yummy!


The Fritz Facts 2:03 PM  

Yeah for Brenna! She is an old hat at the school thing. Come kindergarten she will be a pro!

That looks really good...and now I want strawberry shortcake. Wonderful...

pjmomof3boys 2:14 PM  

Brenna looks like such a big girl with her hair up in pigtails and the backpack!Glad she was excited to go back!

Man, that strawberry shortcake is looking MIGHTY good...Four people, though? You underestimate me...

Melody 3:52 PM  

I really love preschool.

Brenna looks so cute and the shortcake looks really good.

I agree with Paula, I think I could eat it all by myself.

Jennifer 7:20 PM  

Well look at you're two cuties!!! Could just eatem up! (why is that an expression we use for cute kids? lol)

anyway... we don't have preschool here. We have Junior Kindergarten to grade 8 for elementary school and then you go to highschool grade 9-12

We do have daycare, which is just organized babysitting. I am aware of but don't know too much about montessori school. Which some children I know have gone to before JK, but that isn't all that common.

vw bug 8:08 PM  

Definitely a cutie. Is she calling the boys yet? Tater got a call over the summer from one of the girls in his class!

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