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Well Hello, Kitty...

>> Monday, September 15, 2008

Caelan and I went about today, running errands while Brenna was in school. The first order of business was ordering her birthday cake. Before we looked through the books she was saying she wanted a Tink cake. Then she saw a Disney Princesses castle cake and her mind changed. But all was forgotten as soon as she saw Hello Kitty. Yes, my two year old daughter is a fan of Hello Kitty. I’m not quite sure how the lure of the little white kitty has ensnared my youngest child but she is also determined to be Hello Kitty for Halloween (this decision came about as we passed the halloween costumes at Target. Caelan may not know much about Halloween but she knows all about dressing up in costumes!

I didn’t realize it before today, but Hello Kitty is more of a teen thing so finding a Hello Kitty in childrens costumes proved tricky. I finally found one at EasternToys.com. It’s a cute, fuzzy one piece with Hello Kitty on the front with ears. It’s simple but I like that it could easily go right over a sweat suit. And it’s under $20. Sweet.

Because they also have adult costumes I spent a few minutes browsing their selection. There’s a really nice Tinkerbell costume for adults. I’m just sayin’…


The Fritz Facts 12:20 PM  

At least your daughter doesn't want to be Elvis like some other girl that I shall not name...

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