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Another Bill Bites the Dust and I Knew This Would Come Back to Bite Me

>> Sunday, September 21, 2008

That title is best sung (to yourself) to the tune of "Another One Bites the Dust"...

But, yes, with Doug's paycheck on Friday we paid off the third bill on our debt snowball and our snowball is picking up speed!

The bill we paid off was my elliptical machine. I bought it almost a year ago on a 12 month interest free loan. I had the payments all worked out so that it would be paid off before the interest kicked in. But one glitch in that plan and I would have owed the entire year's worth of interest.

And since many people "think" they will pay off an interest free loan before the interest kicks in, few do. And that is why it is a bad idea. One day late and you're looking at a few more months of payments... All accruing interest.

We began FPU in June. As of Friday we have paid off $7742.52 in debt. Not too bad for 3 1/2 months...

However... This "Live Like No One Else" has come back to bite me in the rear... If you are paid on an every-two-week schedule (like Doug is) October brings an "extra" paycheck... If you do your budgeting per month basing it on 2 paychecks (like I do) this is a nice surprise.

And since our 5th anniversary falls in October I thought Doug & I could take the one weekend we have free and have a little getaway. I perused three day packages to Dublin and London... I checked out airfares to Memphis and waded through beautiful B&Bs.

I didn't book anything. Believe me, it was hard not to, but my fun money doesn't stretch that far... So I brought up the subject to Doug...

"Hon, you get paid 3 times in October. I was thinking we could go away for our anniversary."

To which he replies, "How's our emergency fund? Is there something we could pay off early? Remember, "live like no one else"...

So, after much discussion, we decided that we could redo our very ugly half bathroom as an anniversary gift to us. As long as we spent under $500. Oh, and I get a new faucet for the kitchen sink. And I'll probably be able to pay off a credit card a month early.

But a weekend in Dublin without kids would have been more fun...


The Fritz Facts 9:51 AM  

More fun, but think of the money you are putting back into the house! And paying off a snowball! Not as fun, but more rewarding I think.

Melody 2:42 PM  

After you pay off all your debt you will be able to spend a lot of time in Dublin. :)

My hubby gets paid bi-weekly but he must be on the other week because our 3rd paycheck comes in December instead of October. Just in time for Christmas.

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