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Caelan's First Day of School

>> Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Today was Caelan's first day of preschool. She was very excited and posed readily with her backpack full of supplies and new Tinkerbell folder.

2008-09-02 005

All went well with the drop off... She gave both her teachers hugs and began playing happily with another little girl in the play kitchen area. Brenna and I quietly left and ran errands together (so if you won anything on the website in the past week or so your goodies are on their way!).

Caelan's class is only and hour and a half once a week; just enough to begin learning how to listen to teachers and learn to be without Mommy. Because of the easy drop off I was very surprised when a very tearful little girl ran into my arms after class...

2008-09-02 006

Her teacher said she did great, didn't fuss once. Until she realized I was gone. Which, coincidentally, was when I came to pick her up.


Bou 9:34 PM  

Oh my Lord! Look at that smoochy girl face coming to greet you! I'm laughing!!!

Jen H 9:58 PM  

Oh my gosh. How did she see me from that far away? This is the face I see when I want a hug & kiss, everyone. I'm scary!

The Fritz Facts 10:30 PM  

The poor face!! How sad! I am glad that she had a good day to that point. Such a big step for her.

Cindy 11:51 PM  

That second photo is priceless! Poor little girl...I'm glad she had a good first day even if she doesn't know it.

pjmomof3boys 12:32 PM  

Oh, Caelan is breaking my heart in that photo! Yeah, Boy #3 is happy when I pick him up every day at his new "school," but he never seems to remember that the next day as he's crying because he doesn't want to go. Oh, the guilt!

Jillian, Inc. 1:26 PM  

Oh Jody! That sweet little girl! At least she didn't realize it until the end! I love all of her pink-ness.

Melody 7:26 PM  

Ohhh....I am sure it will get better.

My kids apparently don't like me at all because I haven't had any problems coming or going.

Fantastagirl 12:06 AM  


She looks so awesome in the first photo, and breaks my heart in the second.

Please let Brenna know that Tink loved her crayons and pens - I posted a picture so she could see her open them.

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