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Baking Day

>> Thursday, September 11, 2008

I just put the most labor intensive bread EVER into the oven. I should have known better- the recipe came from Martha Stewart Living.

As I read through the recipe I really didn't think it would be such a pain. There were so many instances of moving the bread around (and it was insanely sticky!) that I have dough stuck to my fingers even after multiple washings.

I can guarantee that I will not be using this recipe again- even if the bread is amazing. I don't have 12 hours to bake 3 loaves of bread.

Luckily my yummy layered pumpkin muffins took only an hour from start to finish...

Fab Food Friday 035


Carisa 10:07 AM  

This has nothing to do with your bread.
I have been selling baby stuff on craigslist over the past month and was able to pay in CASH for the whole year of Alysa dance. It was funny to see the ladies face when I had that much cash on me.
It felt so good to do that!!!

Jennifer 6:00 PM  

Oh that looks so yummy!

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