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Halloween Costumes 30% Off at Old Navy

>> Monday, September 29, 2008

Which made these warm, fuzzy and oh-so cute fleece costumes under $16 each.

Which is less than I could make them for.

And since I'm anticipating a cold Halloween here in the midwest, well I had to get them before they was gone...

The selection at the store I visited also included ninjas, bats, skunks (Doug nixed that), rats, purple butterflies and princesses. ALL on sale. And only at the stores (I looked online but couldn't find costumes on the website.)


The Fritz Facts 9:12 PM  

You hit paydirt, because not even Mall of America had them on sale.

I wish Boo fit in their costumes, they are so warm and so adorable. I love the ones you got for the girls.

pjmomof3boys 9:24 AM  

Those are adorable! We're making the kids create their own costumes from the three huge tubs of dress-up clothes and costumes we already have. You know—Dave said! :)

jennhuff2004 11:17 AM  

they are so cue in those costumes.. sam is going to be minnie mouse since i got a cheap minnie dress on ebay this summer. she cracked me up when she tried it on because she pointed at her arm and saic that she isn't black like minnie so she wasn't happy until we found a long sleeved black shirt for her to wear underneath.
also the great thing about those costumes is that you can sell them really easy next year. happ haunts!!


Very very cute

Melody 11:13 PM  

Those costumes are so cute!

I love Old Navy Halloween costumes. They are so nice for the cost. AD had a lion one from there two years ago. They are so warm and fuzzy.

AD got two costumes last year so he is going to be Thomas the Train and C is a Clone Trooper I got for $10.00.

I usually end up spending around $50 so $10 is not too bad.

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