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If You Had 3 Days

>> Friday, September 19, 2008

Where would you go?

I’m itching to go somewhere… Anywhere… I just want to get away and experience something new. This always happens about 6 months after our last vacation and I can usually manage to contain it, although this time it is proving more difficult. I actually said to Doug the other day, How cheap does a vacation have to be for us to be able to take it?”

His answer, “How much money do we have saved so I can miss work?” He’s a contractor so no work = no pay.

The answer? “None.”

“Well, then, it really doesn’t matter how cheap the vacation is, we can’t afford it.” Bah! But he’s right. Not that it keeps me from looking, though.

I was perusing Rentalo’s website the other day. It was torturous. I found some great Kissimmee vacation rentals close to Disney and lots of other fun stuff, a bed and breakfast Breckenridge with end of summer specials and Siesta Key vacation rentals- also really cheap right now due to hurricane season.

Our anniversary is coming up… I wonder if I booked something and he only had to miss one day of work if he would put up much struggle? Visit Rentalo’s website and tell me where you would go…


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