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I Just Got a Warm Tingly Feeling Inside

>> Thursday, September 04, 2008

If any of you have been following the conversations with Seeker about politics I want to share this with you:

Well after having rattled the democrats cages, and the republicans cages, and
getting very valid arguments from both, I am STILL a little unsure about who is
going to do the best job. I have to admit, you republicans can argue your
points. I was very impressed with Sarah Palin's speech last night, and the more
I think about how much money is going to go to people who are not "putting out"
(thank you Jody)with Obama's plan, the more Im ready to vote McCain. As much as
I don't agree with SOME things the Repubs are selling, I can plainly see that
they will probably do a better job. Jody, Im impressed with your ability to not
take things I've said personally and just stick with the facts. Kudos. You've
done well. For all others who have a bad taste in there mouth over what Ive
said, maybe YOU should talk to Jody about how to not take everything so
personally, and know that there was a purpose to my rants, even if those
purposes are purely my own. As for my "hiding my identity" Im sure Jody knows
who it is, and that's enough for me.

This is pretty high compliment for me, thank you. I appreciate the debate and, whether anyone sees it, I do look very closely at views from both sides. Which is why my opinions may seem self-righteous- I've done my homework and know how I stand. How does that old country song go- "You gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything"...

I rarely agree with any individual party (and have been very critical of the GOP during the past 4 years) but, unfortunately, no one party or candidate is perfect. You have to choose the candidate that most fits your views and ideals.

That said, Sarah Palin gave a very powerful speech last night. I teared up a couple of times (especially when they spotlighted the POW that was with McCain- you could see he was moved by the tribute) and when she spoke of her baby. And I laughed at the humorous jabs she took at some of Obama's past statements. And at the Hockey Mom joke. (The difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick!) Her use of humor is spot-on and will carry her through the upcoming months with grace and poise.

The problem with politics is that people get passionate about where they stand and with passion comes a personal connection. It's difficult to remove that for many, many people (hence violent protests and name calling).

As for knowing who you are, I really don't. I even went into my visitor paths from my stats... But with so many returning visitors from Minnesota to Florida, San Francisco to London, Australia to Alaska in the last 2 days I can't really pinpoint who you are. And that's ok. I don't require that people disclose who they are as everyone who reads and comments here (with just a couple exceptions) have always been kind and respectful.

So, Seeker, I'm glad I was able to help you along in your decision on politics this year (no matter which way you end up swinging) and, as I said before, I welcome your discussion. (Just, please don't call me boring again!)


Melody 3:51 PM  

Gosh, I hope I wasn't one the people they were talking about. I just get kind of defensive when I think somebody is unfairly criticizing somebody else.

I am glad that you helped sway their opinion.

Fantastagirl 11:39 PM  

I try to stay away from politics on my blog, and today i broke my self-imposed rule... but I remained relatively calm, well for me anyway.

lila 7:26 AM  

Wow I do have to do some catching up.
Sorry I have been scarce--between granddaughter number 1 and fall arriving early (that means sinus junk) I have been absent.

Good Job

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