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Supporting Those Who Support Our Troops

>> Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It’s almost time for me to design my Christmas cards. I prefer to design my own as cards off the shelf just never seem to say the right thing. As I was perusing all the printers available online I came across ChristmasCardsDirect, a personalized holiday cards publisher. I spent some time wading through their extensive site and had them included in my short list of card makers.

Then I found something that cinched the deal: They are donating 180,000 blank holiday cards to Soldiers' Angels, who will deliver the cards to deployed members of the United States military to write home to their family and friends. Can you imagine the joy on those family’s faces when they get a card from overseas for Christmas? (A company whose cards they also sell, GalleryCollection.com, is also donating 180,000 cards.)

Well, that did it for me because I’m all about supporting companies who support our troops. So whether you’re planning to create Personalized Christmas Cards (which is super easy on their website! They even have tips for taking the perfect photo!) or you need holiday cards for your business I urge you to check out ChristmasCardsDirect at their website www.ChristmasCardsDirect.com . They also have card assortment boxes for other occasions, too.


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