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>> Friday, September 12, 2008

So after all my “get rid of your credit cards” posts you still think you need a card… OK, I get it. It’s difficult to get rid of addictions, I know. But if you must have a card be wise about what you get. I suggest a visit to Credit Card Hub. By using this site you can search for a credit card based on interest rates, rewards and companies (along with other options).

I did a quick search for a business card with a low interest rate, mileage rewards and no annual fee. The results returned one option that fit all my requirements. If I were searching for a credit card this would certainly be easier than taking chances with the offers that fill my mailbox.


Kate 10:11 AM  

I have never been to your blog before, but I have to say this post is ridiculous. Having a credit card is not an addiction. We have one credit card that we pay in full every month. It has no fees whatsoever and we get gift cards every once in a while from the points. We have never, ever had credit card debt.

My in-laws do the same thing only they get frequent flyer miles with their card and they get to come visit us for FREE because they use that card. With no fees and no interest because they pay it off every month. That is wisdom.

That's a pretty rude and judgmental post to suggest that a credit card is an addiction that you should ideally break.

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