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>> Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I mentioned a few days ago that Doug and I will be redoing our half bath as an anniversary gift you ourselves. (It’s cheaper than a 3-day weekend anywhere.) So I’ve begun my search for a new Bathroom Vanity. I really dislike the one we have and am searching Discount Bathroom Vanities for just the right one.

Because I am working with such a small space I have to remember to stick with the single Bathroom Vanities. I’m also wanting something “clean” but not too modern. Of course, if I had my way (and the budget for it) I would be choosing a marble topped antique style. Unfortunately the one I really like is over the budget we have to do the entire bathroom!

So I should probably stop drooling over the 3-piece antique Double Vanity and bookmark it for when we have a larger budget and we redo the master bath (which is ugly, too. I’m not sure who advised the original owners on their decorating style. Yikes!).

For now I’ll just focus on finding something nice for the small space that I can afford. Because I still have to buy wainscoting, paint, towels and a picture or two for the walls.


jennhuff2004 1:49 PM  

have you considered the habitat restore in des moines for some of your supplies? they may have some of the supplies and maybe even an antique vanity and the proceeds go to a good cause. just a thought.

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