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Every Mother's Worst Nightmare

>> Sunday, September 21, 2008

It began as a wonderful day. Everyone was having fun. We were all laughing and playing. We went swimming at a local gym and were helping the girls with back floats. The girls and I went into the dressing room to change. I changed Brenna first as she was making the most noise about being cold. She ran around the dressing room as I changed Caelan and then myself.

When I couldn't find her I figured she had run out of the dressing room to find Doug or her cousin. But none of them had seen her. No one had seen her leave the building but no one could find her in it. Where is my little girl?

I never found out, because, luckily for me, this actually was a nightmare. I woke up when my brother-in-law was calling the police.

I take for granted that I live in a very safe town. But even in my town children are hurt- just not often (and no abductions since I moved here- or before that I'm aware of). I assume that Brenna would scream and kick and make a fuss- but I've not spoken to her about it.

I suppose I should.

Does anyone else ever have such vivid bad dreams?


Jill 9:06 AM  

Oh yes, I have had terrible dreams about things happening to the kids. So bad, sometimes, that I can't even talk about them outloud because I wonder how I can even dream such terrible things.

The Fritz Facts 11:13 AM  

At least once a month I have that dream. I always freak out a bit.

Fantastagirl 3:01 PM  

I have had this dream a hundred times, and each time I wake up in a sweat. I've talked to the kids about stranger danger - it just doesn't seem like it's enough. And we are about as Mayberry as one can get.

Just a gluten free girl living in a Disney world 4:13 PM  

we have used the video from john walsh and the baby einstein founder julie clark called the safe side. the kids really like watching the video and they have learned alot from. sam is very hesitant of strangers now so i know she was paying attention. we got it from amazon.com and it was worth the $15 we paid

Anonymous 7:31 PM  

Yep, had similar nightmare. Use the Safe Side video as well. Worked well for the older boy, I think the younger needs to watch it again.

Jennifer 3:58 PM  

All the time. And yes, you really should talk to her about it.

and um.. please don't scare me like that again!

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