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Why I'm voting for President Bush

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hugh Hewitt has asked people to write in their blogs the reasons they will vote for President Bush on November 2nd.

My favorite comes from a former Navy Seal.

President Bush's actions and words following 9/11 exemplify a grace under pressure, outstanding leadership, and steely resolve that will not soon be replicated. His response to the assault on our Homeland was the perfect combination of effective force, assertive diplomacy, and crisis management. The Afghan campaign will go down in military history as a textbook implementation of Unconventional Warfare techniques to achieve with a small number of SOF operators what the entire Soviet Army could not. This was set in motion within a month of the precipitating event, which is all the more amazing. Not all Presidents would take the risk of confronting our enemies in Afghanistan in such a manner.

Read the whole thing, it's well written and passes along quite a few tidbits.

Why will I be voting for President Bush? Partially it's because he's lowered my (and all taxpayers') tax bill. He's started Healthcare Savings Accounts which help people provide their own coverage rather than rely on coverage from their employer. Partially it's because he's a genuine person who does what's right, not what would make him popular.

However, the over-riding reason I will vote for the President is because he is actively going after terrorists and their supporters around the globe. I want my family to be safe and attacking those who would do harm on America is the best way to keep us safe.

I'm voting for President Bush because I want my daughter to live free.

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Doug Halsted 12:43 PM  

Why Kerry doesn't cut it

Brett Rogers 6:23 PM  

You seen the Ashley's Story commercial yet?

Angela 7:05 PM  

There are TWO entries on my blog that pretty much sum up why I will be voting for President Bush. Look for the ones with these titles:

1. This is the message a Kerry win will send the rest of the world.

2. This Nov. 2, I'll proudly cast my vote for the proven leader of the free--and increasingly freer--world: President Bush.

josh narins 7:46 PM  

Bush's response was not perfect. It was entirely flawed. Right from the beginning he tried to force his team to pin 9/11 on Iraq.

That was wrong. It was wrong, wrong, wrong to try to have the President predetermine the results of the most important investigation in US history.

10s of thousands of Iraqis are dead. 80% of them want us to leave. More people hate America now than any time in US history.

This is the Bush legacy, and I will do more to make sure that Bush's legacy is only four years long.

Jody 8:41 PM  

It seems our friend Josh is into conspiracy theories. Maybe he would like to provide the links to back up the information he states? If he can....

Angela 10:33 PM  


Can you answer two little simple itsy bitsy questions for me? I've been asking these two questions to MANY Kerry Supporters and NOBODY seems to be able to answer them. Are you ready? Ok, here goes:

1. What do YOU think we should do to fight the war on terror?

2. Please name one thing that John Kerry has accomplished for the United States of America (to make it better) in all of his years as a Senator.

Angela 10:37 PM  


Many Kerry Supporters are either voting for Kerry because they Hate President Bush, lost their job and aren't willing to work OR they are hung up on some conspiracy theory. Pretty darn frustrating - eh?

Go Bush!!! :)

Anonymous 1:56 AM  

I'm not sure how to get Hugh Hewitt's attention, but here's my wood for the bonfire:

Why I'm voting for Bush.

Angela 7:32 AM  

I finally figured out how the html code to share links works. Here are my reasons as to why I will be voting for Bush :)

This is the message a Kerry win will send the rest of the world.and

This Nov. 2, I'll proudly cast my vote for the proven leader of the free--and increasingly freer--world: President Bush.

Reaganesque 8:58 AM  

You have a great blog. I found on Hugh Hewitt's site. Maybe you should give me some advice on mine... I'm not very good at figuring out how to work it lol. Well, stop on by :)

Carencro 9:53 AM  

I vote how I am moved to by Logic, and when I see the News Media, Logic tells me, since they only respond to Dollars in their Pockets, and any sane man would not listen to Ghouls for Dollars, that they have done every evil for dollars, without Regard for LIfe, for Families of Citizens, have Raped our Economy for their Own Benefit, have taken men's reputations and lIves by mistreating them in the Media Re: Admiral Boorda who commited suicide following Several Years of Shameful Broadcasts because of an alleged ill Documented Good Conduct award of some insignificant with Lack of Orders allegedly, then the shameful example of an alleged bomber in Atlanta whose reputation and Demeaning they liberally doled out to, I say, if they support Kerry, they are inflicting lack of regard for Citizens on the citizen of the U.S> and they are Greedy for some reward waiting for them at end of the election.

They are without care for anything but Money in their Pocket and care less about U.S. Service Men, and would Sell their Mother for Prostitutes if it Made them money.

cee amen, a man, amen'nt.

Doug Halsted 11:22 AM  

Uh, okay.

Doug Halsted 11:46 AM  

Reaganesque, you have a great blog! Your commentary makes sense. How do you think Cali will vote this November?

Doug Halsted 12:41 PM  

Nelson Ascher explains why he's not voting for President Bush. Be sure to read the whole thing.

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