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On the phone

>> Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Last night and tonight I've gone to the GOP headquarters to make phone calls for President Bush. It's cool to say that I'm calling on behalf of President Bush. The list consists of non-party affiliated registered voters in central Iowa. If you registered to vote and didn’t pick a party affiliation, you’re on the list. The point of the call is to make personal contact and make sure Bush supporters vote in the election.

During the call, we ask if President Bush can count on their vote. If yes, then we ask if they need an absentee ballot, then we ask if they want to volunteer to help President Bush get re-elected. Through all this, I can say that a majority of central Iowans are nice, courteous people, at least on the phone.

Here are the results from 2 nights of calling.
Calls made: about 200
Bush supporters: 55
Non-Bush supporters (including hang-ups): 19
Volunteers recruited: 5

This informal, non-scientific but very personal study indicates that Bush should get 75% of the independent voters in central Iowa. Most of the non-Bush supporters were polite too. There were a few disgruntled people (as opposed to gruntled I suppose), but most said “No” and waited for a response.

So, can President Bush count on your vote November 2nd? Would you like to volunteer to help the President get re-elected? It’s easier than you think and you get to meet people from around the area. It’s even more fun for those that like talking about politics which seems to be a favorite topic.


Brett Rogers 9:55 PM  

Your dedication is great and appreciated. I wish I were able to do this as well...

I have a question. Since I have 5 kids and my evenings are pretty busy with dinner, dishes, homework help, and playing taxi, I can't drive from West Des Moines to the GOP headquarters to make phone calls.

I wrote an email to three of the bigwigs at the Iowa GOP and asked this question:

"Why can't those of us who would like to help simply be given a list to 'own' and call from our homes so that we can help when we can?"

I got no response. I know that they're busy, but it's really a pretty simple thing to do, and heck, even you or I could crank out the web site to manage such a call list if they were concerned about handing out paper lists and keeping track of them. Managing a call list online wouldn't be a tough app to write.

So, I'm unfortunately living vicariously through you, Doug, but I'm glad that you're there pitching in to help the right guy win this election.

Doug Halsted 10:09 PM  

My wife is 8 1/2 months pregnant, so your vicarious life isn't too exciting. :) I'm trying to do what I can before Brenna comes into the world. I want to make sure she has a good world to live in.

As to calling from home, my take is that it is a privacy thing. The list is for the GOP (I'm sure the Dems have the same list) use only. If someone takes the list home, then they can't guarantee how it's being used. The same is true of web based list. Safer to have people come in. The other thing is that you don't want half of Des Moines to have your call back number. Can you imagine the calls you'd get? :)

Lars 10:37 PM  

Hey, I one of those registered non-affiliated voters :-) But it's in a different county than your in, so I might not be on your list. I also JUST registered so who knows.

Doug Halsted 10:46 PM  

Give me your number and I'll call you... hee, hee, hee.

I'll use a different voice so you don't recognize me.

Anonymous 11:58 PM  

Well, I don't live in your county, but you called my wife and talked to her for hours while you were on your way home? Though you still have not talked to me? Is there something that I should know?

I am now certainly voting for Bush, for afew reasons but a big one is that if you can convince my brother a decorated soldier of the year and other outstanding government achievments that Bush is the man for the job, then so do I.

The joke in that is that most people really have no idea of the truth or facts about both candidates and only listen to the news when it relates to their candidate or party, the side they choose has more to do with what their family members are telling them not personnal knowledge. Without a doubt the most difficult to overcome, you can throw the obvious in their face, but their son,brother, mom or what ever told them that they saw someone talking about somthing that Ya YA ya you got it.

Vote Bush 04'

P.S. I think the pledge should be said in school, most kids just say it and get it over with, without any thoughts or it means something to them. Though the final life lasting inspirations build politicians / soldiers / Brotherhood for our government. This is what makes up our furure and remember we are ALL live under God no matter who or what you are.(should have been posted on different blog)

Doug Halsted 7:53 AM  

Well James, I just wanted to get the scoop on my brother and nieces and nephew. It seems my brother is always out doing something. How's the Republic of Texas?

The Main Stream Media (MSM) thinks we are drones who forget one day to the next. It's the only way Kerry has a shot at winning, therefore the media will play along.

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