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Stolen Explosives?

>> Monday, October 25, 2004

The New York Times came out with a story recently about 380 tons of explosives that may have been stolen out of an Iraqi arms depot. The story fails to tell you several things.

The first being that this story first came out 19 months ago, when it was announced by the Army Corps of Engineers after Saddam was toppled. The second being that US forces went thru the depot once looking for WMD's and removed some of the more deadly stuff. The third being that as of June 2004, 110,000 tons of weapons have been destroyed and another 138,000 tons has been secured.

The Times didn't even mention the bigger story. That being that it is estimated that Saddam had 600,000 tons of weapons. If I remember by math classes right, 600,000 minus 238,000 leaves 362,000 tons of munitions not under US control. Some is being used by the new Iraqi National Guard and Police. Some stolen by civilians for their own protection. Some buried in forgotten places that we may never find. Heck, WWI era munitions are still being found by French farmers; and we know were all the battles took place.

This is yet another lame attempt by the press to discredit our troops and the president and demoralize the nation.

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