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Terrorists for Kerry

>> Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It was recently announced that the Kosovo Liberation Army has given money to the Kerry campaign

This joins in a long list of questionable people and groups hoping for a Kerry win.

UPDATE: Cubans campaigning for Kerry. What's it say when communist countries actively support a campaign?


honestpartisan 7:21 PM  

Lots of things I disagree with here, but first and foremost, why are atheists "questionable"?

Doug H 7:48 PM  

I'm not an overly religious person, but I believe in a higher power and question anyone who doesn't.

honestpartisan 9:31 PM  

Questionable to te same extent as Kim Jong Il or Hamas? I'm an atheist and I assure you that I feel no affinity with these guys.

Doug H 11:31 PM  

Argghhh! had the same idea.

Jody 11:19 AM  

Athiests may not be questionable to the same extent. I do find it ironic, though, that they are backing a Catholic who has said- in the 3rd debate- that his faith affects everything he does.

Now, I understand that the President is a religous man, also. If athiests are defined by their religous views, or non-religous views as the case may be, I don't understand why, as a group, they would back either candidate....

honestpartisan 5:46 PM  

Atheism informs my sense of ethics somewhat, but it's not all-enveloping, so I don't find it "ironic" at all that I would support a candidate who professes to have a religious belief. Heck, if that were the criteria, I would never have a candidate to support in just about any American election (a candidate that has a serious chance of winning, that is).

Unlike a lot of organized atheist groups, I'm not really offended by a lot of symbolic government support of religion, like the "under God" passage in the pledge of allegiance, or having "in God we trust" on coins.

The only issue that has any relevance for this election for me in terms of religion is Bush's faith-based intiatives, which I have a slight problem with (not a huge problem) because I understand that government money is going to religious groups who use it in part to proselytize, which strikes me as bad policy and a violation of the spirit of the Establishment Clause. Kerry is definitely closer to my views on this issue.

The main issues for me, though, are terrorism, Iraq, the economy, and the environment. I don't care what the religious views of the individual candidate is so much as the views on these issues.

Jody 6:02 PM  

Thank you for your very well made points. I believe that it is a national Athiest organization that has decided to back Kerry and that is what struck us as so odd.

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