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Happy Anniversary... to us

>> Sunday, October 24, 2004

Today is our first anniversary. This is a huge milestone for a girl who, up until fall of '02, said she would never get married. Never say never. Boy, have I learned that one... never getting married, never having kids, never moving back to Iowa. Couldn't I just keep my mouth shut?

It's 9:23am and Doug is still sleeping. I'm gonna let him sleep as long as he wants- hopefully this will be the last weekend he has the chance to sleep in. We talked about going to the Amana Colonies (go to shopping and check out the number of wineries. Also great meats & cheeses. Yum!!) today and the weather looks like it may cooperate. The sun is shining- for the first time in a week- and the air is brisk. Perfect.

And maybe the walking will help to stimulate the baby? I am not looking forward to yet another ultrasound & Dr appointment. But Brenna is still tucked up high. She's going to be stubborn like her mama. Damn.

If you want a good laugh check out the next post "Democrat is a bad word". It features a clip of my 3 year old nephew Carter. It takes a few minutes to load- even with DSL- but I promise you a good chuckle.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit 10:25 AM  

Congrats on your anniversary!

aka_Meritt 10:35 AM  

Happy Anniversary. :)

Let Doug sleep so he doesn't go online and see the front page of the DM Reg this morning. (They didn't even have the guts to sign it... it's signed as 'the editorial staff' as of 10:33 am).

Enjoy your day. Walk lots. Enjoy your husband and your last days of carrying Little Bundle in such a precious way.

Doug Halsted 10:39 AM  

I got up at the crack of 10:15 and Jody, hearing me rumble around upstairs, has started breakfast. I am such a lucky man. She gave me such a great card too! Me, I want to give her the world. Here's to a lifetime's worth of anniversaries.

Anita 3:51 PM  

Happy Anniversary!!!

I can't believe your baby hasn't arrived yet. I'm sure you feel the same . . .


Lars 9:38 AM  

Happy Anniversary you kids! ;-) Haha...me, calling you kids! :-) Hope it was a good one and little Brenna comes soon!

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