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Drugs from Canada

>> Sunday, October 17, 2004

Canada tells John Kerry to "shove it"

I never understood the idea of importing drugs from Canada. Many of the drugs originated from the United States to begin with, so how can it be cheaper to ship them to Canada, then back? The answer is that it's not. Much of the reason the prices for drugs here in the States are so high is because of laws and regulations. Some protect a monopoly for X number of years in which generic cannot be made. Some add to production and R&D costs by requiring drug companies to jump thru more hoops than a 3-ring circus.

If you are going to bypass our own laws altogether, why not get rid of the regulations that are driving costs up? Wouldn't it be smarter to fix the problem instead of relying on the Canadian law?


Jody 10:05 AM  

Awww, poor JFK. Seems he can't catch a break. His whole campaign is backfiring.

Anonymous 4:28 PM  

Doesn't bother me, I get my drugs from Mexico, or on the street corner.

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