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Birthdays & Babies

>> Thursday, October 07, 2004

Its birthday week at our house. Seriously. My grandfather’s birthday was Monday, my brother’s girlfriend of 4 years, Amanda, celebrated on Tuesday, Doug’s birthday was yesterday and his mother’s is today. So Doug has decreed that Brenna will be born tomorrow.

Now, that will make her 2 ½ weeks early, but if she’s ready I’m OK with it. There are, however, 2 small problems.

Problem 1: Her room isn’t done. And I don’t mean small things like pictures or a rocking chair. I mean totally not even painted, no furniture in it, we still need to buy baseboards not done. There is still stuff-from-Doug’s-office-in-it not done. My child is going to spend her first weeks of life sleeping in a Pack & Play…

Problem 2: We have no middle name picked out. Coming up with a first name was more difficult than I thought. And people had very strong opinions about the names we had picked. When Doug & I decided upon Brenna most thought it was a great choice. Although we did have one discussion with Doug’s grandmother which went something like this:

Doug: We’ve decided on the name Brenna.
Grandma: Brianna?
Doug: Brenna.
Grandma: Brenda?
Doug: No, Brenna.
Grandma: Brenna? Really? And what about a middle name?
Me: We haven’t decided on a middle name yet.
Grandma: It should be Marie. Marie is a family name.
Me: I hate the name Marie.

Which takes me to the main dilemma. Family names. I liked Elizabeth, until my mother said, “Elizabeth is a family name.” Grrr... I also thought Brenna sounded good with Colleen, Christine and Catherine as middle names. Those also happen to be the names of my mother-in-law, mother, and step-mother. Nope, too many toes to step on there. Doug brought a suggestion home from work: Ophelia. Nice. But then her initials would be BO. Not happening. And he vetoed Therese. Initials BTH. Not good.

So, if anyone close doesn’t have anything important going on Saturday we’ll be working on the baby’s room- unless I’m in the hospital. Or if you have a middle name suggestion, shoot it my way. I’ve resorted to the book of “Cool Baby Names”. Yikes! It reads like a roll call of strippers….


Doug H 1:44 PM  

Don't forget Brenna Brenna!

Lars 2:53 PM  

I know you don't like it, and I understand why, with it being the family name and succumbing to that and all...but Brenna Marie and Brenna Christine are both nice sounding ones to me. So is Brenna Janeane, but that's Kaia's middle name, so that's why I like that one! :-)

Brenna Brenna...oooh nice, you should consider that one for sure! Doug, such the brain, where would you be without him Jody? ;-)

Jody 2:59 PM  

Maybe I wasn't clear... I HATE the name Marie. And using my mom's name would, I'm sure, hurt Doug's mom's feelings.

As for my husband's suggestion... well, I just pretend to not hear it. It's better that way.

Lars 4:20 PM  

So, I'd say Brenna Marie then ;-)

Ouch! Don't hit me...

CCHuff 6:56 PM  

You don't have to tell Doug's mom that Christine is my middle name (just a thought.) Alaine would be pretty and it's Irish. She may come in protest if you label her with a stripper name.

Blog Author 8:27 PM  

Brenna Hope
Brenna Skye
Brenna Jane
Brenna Kate
Brenna Faith
Brenna Azaria
Brenna Quinn
Brenna Callan


Anonymous 8:28 PM  

Lars, I think the initials BJ are much worse than BO, or I would suggest my own middle name. I like Lynnae, you could use it as a play on your own middle name.


Bou 9:14 PM  

We had a similar dilemma. My family is very into genealogy, so in the end, we decided that every child would have my maiden name as their middle name. That doesn't work for everyone, but it worked for us. I had issues with changing my name, that it would be forgotten. Now it won't. I have three boys, all have my maiden name for their middle.

Good luck with the room!

Lars 10:06 PM  

oh boy Jen, I didn't even think of her being BJ, I just thought of BJH, and said "hey, that's not bad." I don't know why I didn't think of just BJ...lol, sorry!

I do like Brenna Lynnae a lot!

Doug H 9:58 AM  

Brenna ConstableBrenna RenoirBrenna GainsboroughBrenna RembrandtBrenna HolbeinBrenna TurnerBrenna Monet

Anonymous 1:27 AM  

Brenna Elise


Brenna Louise

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