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Ta-Ray-Zah: Shut up already!!!

>> Friday, October 22, 2004

Yet another great post from Boudicca.

I am amazed that the DNC allows this woman to speak in public. Has she ever opened her mouth and not stuck her Italian leather clad feet into it?

My respect to Mrs. Bush for her understated - and tactful- response

No apology necessary: Laura Bush said Thursday that Teresa Heinz Kerry didn’t need to apologize for saying she couldn’t remember whether the first lady had ever had "a real job."

"She apologized but she didn’t even really need to apologize," Mrs. Bush told reporters at a coffee shop before attending a rally for President Bush. "I know how tough it is and actually I know those trick questions."


Doug Halsted 8:55 AM  

The rest of Laura's quote was better. It's something like, "she left out the very important real job of a mother". Laura very graciously body slammed Teresa...

Windjammer 9:27 AM  

Is being an heiress to the Heinz ketchup fortune a "real job"? That's about like saying Paris Hilton worked hard for her daddy's fortune.

Boudicca 9:33 PM  

Laura Bush has class. Her Mom done good. All the money in the world cannot give Teresa what Laura has...

Angela 10:27 PM  

Kerry's Wife is not the sharpest knife in the droor - that's for sure!!! GO Bush!!! F*ree Stolen Honor Documentary

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