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The Breast Touch

>> Saturday, October 09, 2004

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now, before you guys all groan and skip this post I want to lead you astray and over to Boudicca's Voice for her awareness post. Just GO!! You might learn something.


Boudicca 10:44 AM  

Your suggestion was great! I wonder if Men's Health magaizine, GQ etc, would put something.

CCHuff 5:13 PM  

Okay, I was one of those women, hated mammograms, no history in the family, but at my physical this year, my doctor said, if I can get you in today, will you go? It' been five years; we need a new baseline. It's right upstairs, so I said okay, grudgingly.

The next day, I got a call from the radiologist and they said, we don't like what we see, how soon can you get back in here. Of course, I went into shock and said next week. After a sleepless night, I called back and said, What do you have today? Doesn't matter what time, I'll be there. After another mammogram and following ultrasound, the radiologist said, it's borderline from visibility. I can't say without a biopsy. My response was get me the soonest available.

That happened to be at 8 the next morning. since I wasn't sleeping anyway, I was at work at 6 and then at the doctor's office by 8. Stressful to say the last. As it turns out, it is fibroadnoma, begign and will not turn cancerous.

So let me tell you now, I am a believer. This was small enough and deep enough that it wasn't felt during an exam. Less than a centimeter is very small, but had it been serious, it would have been the ideal time to catch it. If it had been serious and I had not had the mammogram, where would it have been a year from now.

So, all you women who are as stupid as I was, and might not be as lucky as I was, get the mammogram. Take the time; it might save your life.

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