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Yard signs

>> Saturday, October 02, 2004

Today was the big day to place Bush/Cheney yard signs in Polk County. My friend Darrin and I placed about 60 or so in 4 hours this morning and Jody and I placed about 25 more later that afternoon. We talked with a few people and everyone we met was really nice. I also met the Republican incumbent to the State Legislature, Carmine Boal. She's really nice and I told her that I would vote for her.

I also finished handing out my remaining tickets to see George W. Bush on Monday afternoon. I think I managed to give out 54 tickets out of 2000 total seats. I'm pretty proud of myself, thank you very much. Jody and I get the extra-special "yellow seats". I have no idea what that means but we'll tell you about it afterwards.

A lot of people I talked with today said the same thing about the debate on Thursday. Kerry presented himself better, but Bush won on substance.

My next task is to make sure the high traffic areas in town have Bush/Cheney signs.


Brett Rogers 7:24 PM  

You're awesome, Doug. Let's help Bush keep the White House!

Doug Halsted 11:03 PM  

Just doing my part. If everyone does a little bit [or more than a little], then we can all breathe a little easier on November 3rd.

American Daughter 11:19 PM  

I totally agree. Kerry did better from a photo op perspective, he spoke confidently and stood straight. But what he actually said didn't make any sense. He got several facts completely wrong. It is scary to think of someone that clueless trying to run the country.----The perfect assessment of the debate for the purpose of choosing a CEO for the US would be to READ the transcripts of what the candidates said. To separate their real skills from their images.

Lars 3:32 PM  

Mind you, American Daughter, that George W. Bush also got some facts wrong...they both looked good, they both made some strong points, I was proud of both of them.

aka_Meritt 10:34 PM  

Ya know... no one ever came to my door asking to put a sign up. I would have let them. :)

I have a SOLD sign in my yard... I have a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker. I considered slapping the sticker on the real estate sign. But quickly nixed the idea, figuring my real estate agent might frown upon that idea. *wink*

Lars 8:25 AM  

You don't live in Iowa yet, Meritt! Soon though...I know how exciting Iowa is :-)

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