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No baby yet

>> Saturday, October 16, 2004

But we did the her room painted today! We'll put up the trim tomorrow & it will be done! Yippee!!! The crib can be set up and all her furniture & clothing can be moved in from across the hall.

Tonight Doug & I attended a Republican fundraiser dinner. The guest of honor was the Governor of Massachusetts. Did you know their Gov is Republican? Me neither! Crazy but true. The speeches weren't as dull as I anticipated and the chicken wasn't too rubbery. And they served cheesecake for dessert. Nothing can ever be bad when it is followed by cheesecake.

I had hopes that it would be oh so dull that Brenna would decide that the only escape would be labor, but it wasn't to be. There is something going on but I don't know if it is contractions or not. Since noone can tell me what they feel like, "trust me, you'll just know", and I am able to function, I am assuming that it is nothing to get too excited about. **sigh**


Doug Halsted 10:31 PM  

Methinks that Jody has selected a geeky husband. Technical geek, history geek and political geek. Boy, I'm a three striker...


Boudicca 9:27 AM  

When you set up her crib, make sure you set it up IN the room. It doesn't fit through the door. :) I had a friend who put it together in their family room then tried to roll it through. He had to take it apart then put it back together.

Brett Rogers 9:50 AM  

You miscounted, Doug. You're a four-striker: you forgot family geek. Which is why she'll easily endure the first three ;)

CCHuff 9:53 AM  

Jody, I really thought maybe getting the room painted would help things along. As always, I stand ready to help with whatever is needed.

Anxiously awaiting Brenna, I love you. Mom

aka_Meritt 11:52 AM  


Will start out as a tightening. You won't notice them. Getting stronger you will start to notice them.
Getting stronger they will start to hurt a little bit... twinges. You'll start to breath through them. They will bounce from 3 minutes to 30 minutes apart though. Stronger contractions and they will come regularly without really stopping. Worse when you go to the bathroom and such. Walking quickly through them helps. (I walked a race track path around our apartment living room, hall and bedroom! Ha). I didn't know moving 'helped' though until my second pregnancy. I spent the first one holding still, breathing and timing them. Stupid me. I should have jogged through them!!!
Finally they will be coming 5-7 minutes apart consistantly and the pain level is like really sharp horrible 'cramps'. It's not pain, it's not throbbing, it's sharp, needle sharp CRAMPS.


Then you'll know.

Anita 11:29 AM  


When I went into labor I seriously just thought I had a stomach ache . . . like I had eaten something that disagreed with me.

But then it became a very rhythmic stomach ache, and I realized it must be labor.

Good luck!


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