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NY Times endorses Kerry

>> Monday, October 18, 2004

I know, no big surprise there as they've been stumping for Kerry for over a year now. Read for a blow by blow take down of the Time's editorial. You would think that a newspaper as big as the Times would be better informed than that.


Pastabagel 12:23 PM  

The NY Times editorial isn't news because we all knew four years ago they were going to endorse whomever the Democrats ran. The democrats could have run soiled furniture as their presidential candidate and the Times would endorse it.

What matters is that we win in Iraq and that we vote to re-elect Bush. No matter what state you're from, whether it's a battleground or not, get off the sofa or out of the office on Nov. 2 and vote. Take a sick day if you have to. Just vote.

This one counts. This one matters, for the next four years and beyond. Too much hangs in the balance.


Jody 4:54 PM  

I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning and he was reading the presidential support editorials from newspapers across the country. What I noticed is that the papers that support the President all talked about strong military defense and security while the papers who support Kerry read a lot like the Times using phrases like "he strikes us as a man with a strong moral core". Umm, yeah, no facts, just feelings.

I have also been very offended by papers referring to our President as Mr. Bush. Now, damnit, he's the President whether you morons like it or not. His title should be used when he is referred to. It's a matter of respect.

Anonymous 5:10 AM  

I agree wholeheartedly on the respect issue. There is such a lack of respect for out President. Clinton, who, in my opinion, is the least respectable President, is still referred to as President.

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