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Somewhat mindless rambling before dawn

>> Friday, October 22, 2004

This morning I had hoped to write that we were leaving for the hospital. Instead I have been sitting here, somewhat mindless for over an hour.

Yesterday began with quite a bit of cramping which continued all day with no regularity, rhyme or reason. No problem. I went about my day, running errands, tidying things up, visited my chiropractor, and prepared all the last minute "can't-forget-to-take-this-to-the-hospital" stuff.

I went to bed early, read for a while and was asleep before 9:30. Which is a good thing because at 4am I was rudely awaken by a pain in my right side. I have nothing to compare this to. Let's just say that if someone reached into your right side and grabbed your kidney, squeezed it and pulled left you might have an idea of this pain. So, assuming it was a cramp or strange contraction, I rolled over. Agonizing! I got up, walked around, bent over, sat on the floor and tried basic yoga stretches. Nothin'. So I gave up and here I am.

The regular cramping continues and the pain in my side has somewhat subsided (which is a relief since it's 6 am). I have to assume that the baby will make her appearance before next Tuesday's ultrasound & Dr appointment. I have to assume that because it is the only thing keeping me sane right now.

Brenna not arriving today is both good & bad news for Doug. The good news is that she won't keep him from meeting the Vice President's plane when it arrives in Des Moines this afternoon. The bad news is that Doug was really hoping she would be a Libra. Unless something happens very soon and I sprint through labor it is not to be. She will be a Scorpio like her mama. (Two Scorpio women in one house. Condolences may be sent to Doug via the comments section.)

My sister has predicted that Brenna will be born on the 24th. That will cause double celebration in our house as the 24th is our anniversary. If that is the case can I use Brenna as Doug's anniversary gift? And, if so, how many years can I get away with it?


Doug Halsted 8:56 AM  

What - you don't want the drier that does everything but fold clothes? :-)

Love you! Maybe VP Cheney can help with the delivery...

aka_Meritt 9:02 AM  

Girl... that wretching pain is the start of labor. ;) Maybe you will be able to say that Brenna was born on the same day Daddy met the Vice President of the United States.

Oh: Don't wish for her to be born on your Anniversary! Avoid it if you can. *wink* It is 'cool' on her 'birth' day but for the next 18 years it won't be cool anymore. LOL. You (and Little Bundle) will both want your 'own' special days in the future. (Believe it or not my friend "K" had her wedding on April 1st. One year later she gave birth to her son... on April 1st. 3 years later gave birth to her daughter. April 1st!!!!) Talk about April Fools. Wedding Anniversary and both kids on the same day.

(rambling... but since you are sitting there in early stages of labor with not much else to do, hee hee, I'll give you a lot to read!).

Jody 9:02 AM  

You misread, hon. I give you the gift of the baby. That doesn't get you off the hook....

Windjammer 9:22 AM  

Aha! The chants are starting to work their magic! I'm a genius!

Jen H 9:53 AM  

I am heading to Target (in the rain with the kids) to pick up heat wraps for her back and Ben & Jerry's for her tummy. Maybe the Ben & Jerry's will push her over the edge. I surely wouldn't have had baby #2 if I had 2 full days of cramping before the onset of labor!!! LOL. Be there soon!

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