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>> Thursday, October 07, 2004

A commenter on Moxie's Blog linked to the real reason the on-line polls showed Edwards won. The Democratic Underground had links to most of the on-line polls [warning, the viewpoints expressed on the DU are extreme. I go there if I really want to be PO'ed at Kerry supporters] and told people to delete their cookies so they could vote multiple times. This is why Bush is losing the media war. Journalists on Kerry's side and provide activist sites with all the info needed to game the system. I don't know if an equivalent Republican version exists. I would hope our guys are as organized, but sometimes I wonder. We need to help.

The best thing I pulled off of has to be this super long list of contacts in the media. It has names, emails and places to leave letters to the editor. Write a letter to the editor today! Send an email to someone in the media. What's it going to hurt? And it helps to get your viewpoint out there. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.


Doug Halsted 1:17 PM  

DailyKos has moreBe sure to write letters to the editor and vote in every poll you can. Don't let Kedwards get away with it again.

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