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VP Debate

>> Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Well I was going to post my comments about the debate, but Outside the Beltway does a better job than I can do.

Okay, I'll give in and tell you some of my impressions. First off Jody left the room to watch something else because Edwards was driving her crazy with his trial lawyer demeanor. YES!

Edwards tried to do the same thing Kerry did to Bush which is change "War on Terror" to "Hunt for Bin Lauden". Bush didn't address it very well. Cheney did much better, but still didn't knock it out of the park. Still Cheney is doing much better than Edwards. Little John keeps saying that "Our statements are very clear" but then goes on to contradict one statement or another (you can't help it when there are so many different positions to choose from) and "John Kerry has a better plan" but then gives no details that aren't already going on. Cheney hit that one with "They have nothing but an echo chamber."

I'm calling the Line of the Debate: VP Cheney - "The reason they are trying to attack Halliburton is because they are trying to obscure their own record. And Senator, frankly, you have a record that is not very distinguished. You've missed 33 out of the past 36 meetings of the Judiciary Committee; almost 70% of the of the meetings of the Intelligence Committee; you've missed a lot of key votes on tax policy, on energy, on Medicare reform. Your hometown newspaper has taken to calling you Senator Gone. You've got one of the worse attendance records in the Senate. Now in my capacity as the Vice President, I am the President of the Senate, the presiding officer. I'm up in the Senate most Tuesdays when they are in session. The first time I ever met you was when you walked accross the stage tonight." KAAAAA BOOOOOOOOOOOM. [That was good enough to bring Jody back in the room briefly....]

UPDATE: Angela has found the transcripts for the debates


Anita 10:42 PM  

You definitely nailed the line of the debate! That was the one home run amongst a bunch of singles.

Even though I am absolutely 100% positively voting for Bush/Cheney, I was disappointed by Cheney's performance. The word "lackluster" came to mind. For both Bush and Cheney, I think the content was strong, but the delivery was sadly lacking. I just hope and pray that the debates have minimal impact on the election.

Doug H 11:20 PM  

Yes a bunch of singles. However we need to make sure the transcripts get out and the Bush/Cheney agenda gets out. I think many people will find it the best course of action. I can't say that I agree with everything, but overall, it's the best plan for America.

Anita 6:32 AM  


Bush/Cheney see the big picture in a way the Dems do not. The strategy and objective are to establish democracy in the Middle East. To my mind, the attack on Iraq fits perfectly within this global strategy. I think the Republicans need to do more to get people on board with the strategy. There certainly is historical precedent on their side.


Doug H 9:53 AM  

Angela [see main post or sidebar for link] also found this great post.
"As near as I can tell, Cheney pummeled Edwards in this debate. We've not seen beatings like this on television since Martha Stewart taught us how to make a omelet. This was Tyson vs. Screech from "Saved by the Bell."

So Kerry-Edwards are against outsourcing jobs to Iraqi patriots, but are for outsourcing jobs to Canadian pharmaceutical distributors. They want France and Germany to join us fighting [the grand diversionary mistake] in Iraq, but they're dismayed that France and Germany can't handle merely TALKING to the Iranians by themselves. They want to compare the cost of Iraqi reconstruction now to Desert Storm, but forget about the hundreds of billions of dollars spent just maintaining no-fly zones for 12 years. They would have continued UN inspections, but after the incompetent UN declared Iraq free of WMD, still would have taken him out. Maybe. If it passed a global test.

Meanwhile, Abu Abbas, Abu Nidal, al-Zarqawi, terrorists all, would still be drinking champagne in Baghdad. Meanwhile, the Fedayeen Saddam would still be kidnapping Iraqis and beheading them in the streets. Meanwhile, Saddam would still be paying $35,000 a piece to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. Meanwhile, over 300 mass grave sites would still be waiting to be revealed. Meanwhile, France, Germany, and Russia would still be selling weapons to Saddam for oil credits. Meanwhile, Saddam would be redeploying his chemical and biological weapons programs, and finishing up work on his nuclear bomb. And Osama Bin Laden would still be pissed that Americans had to be based in Saudi Arabia to keep Saddam Hussein "contained."

But since George W. Bush was in office, instead of John Kerry, we don't have to imagine that nightmare."

(((Thought Criminal))) 10:49 AM  

Thanks for the link to my site!

Doug H 12:46 PM  

Not a problem. I enjoy pointing out great ideas and commentary! You have a lot of them. Keep up the good work.

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