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New Toy

>> Monday, October 04, 2004

We got a new digital camera yesterday! Yippee!! I really hated our old one. It was at least 4 years old and it took so long between photos that I swear it etched the pictures into it's memory. I had informed Doug that I wanted a new one before the baby is born, and since he is determined that she will arrive on Friday (2 1/2 weeks early) I convinced him that we needed to purchase it. I cinched the deal by explaining to him how nice it would be to have it today when we go to see the President speak. I think that's what did it. He woke up today before his alarm. When I asked why he didn't sleep well he said that he was too excited to sleep.

But back to the camera. I wanted something that is easily portable as we will use it mostly for pictures of the new baby and traveling. We got the Kodak EasyShare. 4.0 mega pixels and more options on it than I can figure out. It has a video feature, which is nice, and an "auto" feature so I don't have to figure out all the other buttons. Thank god! It is also relatively small and should fit in the diaper bag without taking up too much valuable room.

We will be using it today and I'm sure we will have photos with our Presidential post.


Doug H 9:25 AM  

mmmmm, new Geek toy...must...behave...myself...


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