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Meet Brenna Clare

>> Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Meet Brenna Clare (last name removed)

All the rumors, all the stories, all the clichés are true…all of them. There is nothing like being a parent. A new life and light has entered the world; my daughter.

Today I have known patience - waiting for Mother Nature to take her eons old course.
Today I have known concern - helping Jody through the worse of her contractions.
Today I have known helplessness – watching Jody, asleep on the surgeon’s table while the nurses try to get Brenna to take her first breath.
Today I have known prayer – Dear Lord, may my wife and daughter come through this okay.
Today I have known happiness – looking at my wife holding my daughter.
Today I have known contentment – my wife, my daughter and I are whole. And our lives are just beginning.


Brett Rogers 6:50 AM  

They say that once you have a child, your heart walks outside your body for the rest of your life. So very true...

Wonderful, wonderful, and yet again, wonderful. Beautiful baby. Congratulations, Doug and Jody! And welcome, Brenna :)

Lars 8:46 AM  

What a wonderful thing!!

I posted a comment with the pictures and I'm going to put one here too because it's such an occassion.

I'm so happy for all of you, you now know a love you have never know before today.

Congratulations to you Doug and Jody and welcome to a most beautiful baby Brenna Clare! :-)

What an amazing thing...

Amanda B. 9:15 AM  

As I stand here at my desk hardly working, reading this latest entry, I think to myself, "I can't believe I'm an uncle." It kind of loses something when I already have three nephews. Ah, but now I have a niece.

Brenna Clare Halsted, 8lbs. 13 oz., 20 inches long. Cute as a button. Happy mama, proud papa.

Doug, This does change everything. And for the next few weeks while Jody's recovering, YOU will be changing everything!

I was going to write some more, but my boss is coming.


Jerry 11:31 AM  

Welcome to the club - father.


(((Thought Criminal))) 6:50 PM  

Yeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaw! :)

Cigars all around :)

Divapalooza 8:30 AM  

Doug - What you wrote is beautiful. Make sure you write that in the baby book. Congratulations you guys and her name is awesome too! :)

Royce 10:46 AM  

Congratulations to you and Jody! Welcome to the world Brenna Clare.

Doug H 11:55 AM  

Jody will have her staples removed on Friday and then Jody, Brenna and I get to come home! Mom and baby are doing great. We can't wait.

I'm working for a little bit today. The curse of being a contractor. Everyone at FMH is wonderful and supportive. I showed my pics to everyone who stopped by. I'm still a little high, I guess. The people I work with in the IS department gave us the cutest basket of baby stuff.

Friends and family and fellow bloggers, thanks for your thoughts and support. It's times of severe crisis or life events that you find out who really supports you. We've found that our support is strong and we want to make sure that you know that we appreciate everything. This includes you, fellow bloggers whom we've never met face to face, but share a common cause. Your posts and emails let us know that the world is a good place and you never know where you'll meet a friend.


Doug H 12:02 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous 8:55 PM  

Congratulations! It is a wonderful wonderful feeling. Give big hugs to Jody for me!

Bou 8:55 PM  

Sorry, Doug, that was me. Don't know why it's posting Anon.

M@ 11:48 PM  



Blog Author 10:14 AM  

I'm sitting the library CRYING and SNIFFING.
I've gotten a few glances with my sniffing and tears... LOL. I'm grinning though... ear to ear so everyone knows I'm ok. Just sentimental.

Congratulations. She is so BEAUTIFUL. She really is. Healthy, happy and as pink as can be. Looks so much like Mommy AND Daddy that I can't decide???? A perfect mix maybe. ;)

God Bless you three.
Can't wait to meet Brenna. Welcome to the world little girl... it's an amazing place.

Yankeebob 11:41 AM  

Congratulations and God bless your family.

I agree with one of the earlier comments, what you wrote is beautiful.

American Daughter 2:52 PM  

Congratulations, Doug and Jody. Just reading about it takes me back forty years like it was yesterday.

Rachelle Jones 1:59 PM  

Gods blessings to each of you!! May you have a goods days rest, stay in the hospital as long as possible, and let the games begin!!

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