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I married a geek

>> Friday, September 24, 2004

Yes, I know, it's the title of the blog. And I have no complaints. I married an amazing, wonderful man who I love more than words can express. But sometimes it really hits me square in the face. Like this morning. Doug said that the majority of our hits come from other sites that we connect to from our blog and comment on. "So be sure to leave comments everywhere you visit from our blog."

Need more proof? My grandmother sent quotes attributed to Ronald Reagan. I sent them on to Doug & he said he wanted to post them. I told him that he had better give my grandmother credit or I would cease making his breakfast in the morning. Here is his response: "Oh, cruel mistress! What harsh punishments doth thou inflict! Let thy word be so accomplished, for I am but a loving servant..." My poor dog ended up with me spitting tea on him because I was laughing so hard. Luckily it matches his tan spots!

Not enough? How's this? Doug emails me this morning letting me know that the lottery is at $118 million. He includes a very attractive Excel spreadsheet showing the breakdown of 25 annual payments vs. a lumpsum payment as well as a percentage breakdown of what would be given to our families. Sigh. Now if he could just figure out how to win the damn thing.

So, as I sit here watching my Roomba vacuum the floor and my robot mower (fondly known as "the gerbil") cut the grass, I am reflecting on the article Doug listed a couple of weeks ago Consider the Nerds. I re-read that today and, again, appreciated the truth in her words. If only we could learn that lesson young....


Lars 9:43 AM  

I must say...proud nerd/geek here. My wife, I don't know if proudly yet, but knows she married a nerd/geek :-) And if I may proudly say so, I am turning my wife into a nerd/geek as well, and damn it feels good! Kaia...sorry, you stand no chance!

Doug H 12:18 PM  

:-) Jody always says that Brenna will either be really smart or really confused....

Anonymous 2:00 AM  

From a former Iowan, you guys almost make me want to move back.

If it weren't for the icky winters, I might become your neighbor (oh, the robot mower thingy is a good draw too!)

As for Brenna, being born an Iowan makes for a right smart person. You can quote that! ;) With parents like you, she will be brilliant in her confused state. So much so, no one will realize just how confused she is.

Oh, now I'm confused. Better go to bed!

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