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What are the Democrats thinking?

>> Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Over 20 Republican campaign offices were stormed today in a coordinated attack by Democrat hardliners. This, taken with vandalism of Bush/Cheney signs, the shootings and breakins at Republican offices and the vitriol vomited every day by Democrat activists signals the end of the Democratic party in my mind.

Extremists in the party have taken over or they just don't care. We learned a very important lesson from the Nazis. You cannot allow those who use force and intimidation to take over. How can leader in the Democratic party or anyone elected as a Democrat tolerate such behavior? Why hasn't a single Democrat spoken out against these acts? [If and when they do, please leave a link in the comments.] Gore has become unhinged since 2000, just watch any one of his speeches. Kennedy and Harkin are usually hateful, but this campaign has really unhinged their rhetoric.

Do they think the American people have such short attention spans? Do they really think that average people trying to make ends meet and send their kids through school will stand for one party trying to violently take over? Is this what people like Rehka Basu, alFrankin and alGore mean when they say "regime change in November?"

Americans want to love their country. Americans want to feel safe by having the best military around. Americans want to bring justice to the terrorists, even if it means hunting them down in remote corners of the world. Americans want to make their own choices in life. In this campaign the Democrats represent the complete antithesis of this. How did it come to this?

I don't think the Democratic party can be rescued by Joe Lieberman or Zell Miller, two national Democrats I respect. I think the cancer has spread too far to save the patient. If you cut out the radical extremes, you're only left with 20% of the original. That's not enough to win elections for a long, long time. Which party will step up to fill the gap?

UPDATE: I misspelled the HREF tag above in my original post. Hey, it was late. I have it fixed now. Here are some more links documenting Democrat violence towards Republicans.

Update: Still more from the NRO listing more attacks and some arrests.


Anonymous 8:24 AM  

I agree. My first Bush/Cheney sign disappeared from my yard. I am tired of politicians shoving their ideas down my throat. I don't force my views and opinions on others. This presidential campaign has become a three ring circus. I am a registered independent, and I form my own opinions. I will never vote for just one party line. Is there any way to just skip forward a month?

Jen, Jody's Sis

Doug Halsted 4:49 PM  

Powerlineblog has reprinted a letter asking Ashcroft to look into the coordinated assault.

Jody 5:39 PM  

What I find most ironic is that the democrats poise themselves to be the party of kindness and gentleness, of peace and love. It seems to me that all the protests that turn violent are led by supporters of Kerry and the democratic party.

Mark Miller 6:55 PM  

I am currently reading Al Frankin's book "Lies and the lying liars who tell them" and these type of rumors being sent around will not stand the pressure of time. If these are true, I would think that investigations would find at least some of the guilty and we would hear about this. If you believe these things happened,see if it doesn't just fade away with no explaination. If it is true then Republicans everywhere will keep it alive and demand justice. but if untrue, then my guess is it will just fade away,but do keep track and don't allow either a guilty vandal to get away with a mean spirited crime or someone to spread rumors (thou shalt not bear false witness) and not have to defend his charges.

Jody 8:27 PM  

Mark- I find it funny that you left a comment on a post that is over 2 years old. And that the facts that are linked to credible sources aren't fact to you. Then again, I suppose they aren't fact to Al Frankin, either (an man that even my most liberal friends in Minnesota don't want to see in thier offices).

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