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Political Ads

>> Saturday, October 30, 2004

I've stopped polishing the halo around Baby Brenna's head long enough to sort through the mail that has piled up since we've been gone. There were 20 pieces of political ads for the 3 days we were gone. However, the big day was today at 10 pieces of political mail. Ten political ads in one day! We also had our first Kerry supporter knock on our door. I guess the 3 yard signs, and 3 Bush/Cheney window signs didn't provide enough of a deterrent. Maybe he thought that "That's not my yard, that's the family's yard." Not only is Kerry blind, but so are his supporters...


Doug Halsted 10:29 PM  

More: While watching the local NBC News at 10:00pm, I started noticing that almost every commercial is political. Kerry segways to Boswell leds to State Senate and House races to Thompson to Bush. There was one lonely Infinity car commercial during the entire broadcast.

Continuing into SNL; more Bush commercials, an ad for the unity of Polk County with Des Moines and another lonely car commercial.

hmmm, need to let TiVo get ahead so I can skip thru the commercials...

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit 3:02 AM  


None of Kerry's door-to-door people have knocked on my door. I guess it's the "Kerry voted against my shotgun" sticker on my car.

Jen H 7:33 AM  

My husband & I were watching a movie Saturday afternoon when our dog went absolutely NUTS. Someone had opened our storm door before he noticed the sign on the front door telling Kerry stumpers to GO AWAY. When we got to the door, he was nearly out of the yard. YEAH! But wew did have an interesting phone call from Hayden Fry (former football coach for U of Iowa) telling us to vote for George Bush. Hey, I am going to. Quit calling already!

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