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I'm a Mom Now

>> Saturday, October 30, 2004

As all of our regular visitors have seen, Brenna Clare has decided to join us. And not a bit too soon, in my opinion. I'm biased, of course, but she is perfect.

I had arrived at the hospital prepared to battle contractions by walking and breathing. I was informed, however, that I had not dilated at all and because my water had broken I would be given Pitocin and confined to bed. Damn. And I bought new slippers, too.

I won't bore you will the details of my labor, it's not that interesting. By 4 pm I had only dilated to 7 and was beginning to run a fever, a very common event if your water has been broken for more than 12 hours. At 5 pm my fever was over 101. The doctor said that I could continue to try to have her vaginally, but that with my fever, the fact that I still hadn't dilated completely and that the baby was becoming distressed during contractions he thought that I would end up having a c-section, regardless. So, I chose the c-section. I'm not a fool. The odds were against me. I was only sad because I wouldn't get to hold my baby right away.

The hospital stay was uneventful. We were able to come home Friday afternoon. No problems there... until bedtime. Everything in Brenna's room was ready for her and the monitor system was set up. We put her in bed and tears sterted to run down my face. OK, I started to bawl. Brenna was unfazed. And I'm sure that Doug thought I was losing my mind. Separation anxiety. Noone told me about that. Why didn't anyone tell me about that?!?! But we made it through the night. I laid awake, listening to the monitor & crying until 3:30 am- time for her feeding. I was able to put her down after that with no problem, and Doug was finally able to sleep.

Speaking of Doug, he's been a diaper changing champ. He did cover his nose with his shirt to change a blow-out today, but, hey, he changed it. He is an incredibly doting father and I think it will tug at his heart to go back to work on Monday. he's in love. Between visitors today we just vegged on the couch completely in awe of the baby. For someone so small who only eats (like a champ), sleeps (like her dad), and poos, she's fascinating.


Jerry 4:22 AM  

The first time I changed Aaron's diaper was in the hospital before we came home. Sue was out of the room, so I just grabbed a couple of rubber gloves out of the box on the wall and did the job. Sue made fun of me for that.

A few months later, I was changing a pee-soaked diaper, had just gotten him clean, and he let out a little grunt and poop started coming out. Without thinking, and not wanting to get the diaper table cover dirty, I raised his legs up... and caught the poop in my bare hand. Sue made fun of me for that.

There's just no pleasing some folks. (Grin)

Polish that halo. Every day's better than the one before.


CCHuff 6:20 AM  

And you accuse me of being mushy? Guess you must have inherited it. Just wait until she starts sleeping all night and you wake up terrified because she's not cried for her 2 a.m. feeding and you rush to her room and stand over her watching her breathe and making little movements to assure yourself that she is okay.

There is no greater thrill or responsibility than that of being a parent. You will be (already are?) convinced that your child is the cutest, most brilliant little being that ever graced the earth. There will be times when a child is ill and you have changed diapers, cleaned up vomit, given medicine, and still there is nothing to be done to sooth, that you will cry along with the baby from sheer exhaustion and your heart will ache because there is nothing you can do to make her feel better.

There will be times later that you will wonder why you ever wanted to be a parent, but through it all, you will continue to love and cherish each moment.

Trust me. You will feel all of these and myriad other feelings and thoughts as well.

Your mother

Brett Rogers 8:12 AM  

You delivery is exactly what happened in the delivery of my first child. Water-breaking, pitocin, fever, c-section - and then, utter beauty in the form of my daughter. [Cue heaven's hosannas and earth's cheering throngs...]

I remember sitting in the nursery 10 minutes after her birth. Jamie had general anesthetia which meant that she would be out for a few hours. So it was just Bari and me. As I rocked her, she was wide awake and stared up at me. I smiled and cooed and talked to her and cried for 45 minutes - just us two. My world has never been the same since.

This year, she's a senior in high school. She's become a fiercely independent, straight-talking conservative who listens to Nelly and Usher. She and I have really cool talks about life and people and issues. I frequently think back to those moments alone with her right after her birth. Talking with her is often like that: her and me, just the two of us, and I sit in astonishment and listen to the logic and intelligence that flows out of her. [Cue more hosannas from heaven and more cheers from throngs of people here on earth...]

That's the best part of parenthood. You live so close to this fascinating and beautiful person and you get to watch them grow up. From their earliest incapable moments when they so need you for everything to the later moments when they only think they don't need you, but occasionally realize that they do...

You're in for a great ride!

Anita 5:34 PM  

Welcome home, Jody! I'm so glad you are experiencing all the fun of motherhood. Your labor sounded tough though. I had a fever with mine too . . .but they pulled my poor little guy out with forceps. I'm glad you are all home and safe and sound now.

And I'm super glad to see that you are still finding a few spare minutes to blog!!!

PractiGal 2:20 PM  

Congrats, Jody. We're still amazed every day with our little one, and he's almost 8 months old. Sure is incredible, eh? Your daughter is a beauty. I went through a c-section too... take it easy! Let people wait on you!

Doug H 4:45 PM  

Don't worry, I'm doing my best. And Jody's Mom (who posts here as CC) is doing her best to take care of all three of us.

Toby, the German Shepard mutt, is taking his guard duties very seriously. He can be found at Brenna's door when she's sleeping. The cats though compete for rights to Brenna's changing pad.

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