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A Pictoral Review

>> Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Stolen from Dr. Taylor because his is on a college site and may be taken down....

Without further adieu...

Welcome to the John Kerry interpretive campaign official webpage.

Interpreting his actions to expose the horrible "truths" about his political platform.

John Kerry supports lying about your penis size.

John Kerry supports making out with mannish chicks.

John Kerry supports using evil powers to blast back a crowd.

John Kerry likes to watch.

John Kerry supports giving people shitty gifts.

John Kerry STILL supports lying about the penis.

John Kerry supports giving kids heroin to make them learn at super blurry speed.

John Kerry supports patronizing old people.

John Kerry supports taking the ropes out of wrestling rings.

Seriously, John, nobody believes it for a second.

John Kerry supports ugly people.

John Kerry supports lying about sending that child support.

John Kerry supports breaking and entering.

John Kerry supports creepy stalker types.

John Kerry supports making a joke that only one dude knows is racist.

John Kerry supports impersonating statues.

John Kerry supports putting immigrant kids back in the Atlantic.

John Kerry supports the crane kick as a finishing move.

John Kerry supports smallpox blankets.

John Kerry supports urinating in public to show excitement for a book.

John Kerry supports putting old wives out to pasture.

John Kerry supports desecrating the memory of C.H.I.P.s.

Finally, a little honesty on the penis issue.

I'm pretty sure none of this is true, seeing as I made it up...but it doesn't
matter considering that 90% of the voting public has no idea what either candidate's
platform is based on.

Go to http://www.johnkerry.com source for all photos

So if you don't think it's funny, tell them to get better material.

Thank you Dr. Taylor!


aka_Meritt 8:02 PM  

It has been a long time since I've done an all out 'belly laugh' but I just did. Those were great.

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