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The Liberal Definition of Truth

>> Monday, October 25, 2004


As defined my Mirriam - Webster: the body of real things, events, and facts : ACTUALITY

As defined by a Liberal: the body of real things, events and facts as I see, remember or describe them (until I am proven wrong by simple fact finding measures.)

Doug had linked to this article in the comments section, but I think it deserves its own post. Security Council Members Deny Meeting With Kerry

With the election a week away, John Kerry needs to be exposed for the prevaricator (that's a fancy word for liar, just for you "educated types") he is.


Anonymous 12:01 PM  

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!

Here's the truth:

I'm coming to Iowa from California with six friends this weekend. There will be about a zillion of us there, all over the state, getting out the vote for Kerry.

Put Iowa's 7 in the blue column.

(((Thought Criminal))) 12:21 PM  

Meanwhile, with a zillion Californians in Iowa trying to turn it Blue, California follows Hawaii and becomes Red.

Jody 12:59 PM  

Ahhh, a very bold post from someone who remains "anonymous". You sunny Californians may want to stay home, Iowa will be cold this weekend, you may not be able to handle it. You might get a chill while you're out knocking on doors.

Doug H 1:04 PM  

At least this election will be good for Iowa's hotels and restaurants. I met a couple of Americans Coming Together members from New York a couple of weeks ago. They made a big deal about coming here, as if they were above the yokels in fly-over country. All I can say is that they made a good case for Anyone But Kerry.

Jen H 2:07 PM  

This sign was just posted on my front door for all you Californians who want me to vote for Kerry. I sure hope more Iowans tell you to mind your own business, too!
'If You’re Stumping for Kerry, Try Someone Who Can't Do Research on the Internet!

Jerry 9:04 PM  

Anon - you've got a problem.

In peacetime, (or, to be precise, a non-shooting war - most of the cold war was that..) most folk look on the political process as rather entertaining theater. It doesn't really much matter what clown gets in, they'll not mess things up too much.

And the Democratic party's taken advantage of that - they figure that six months down the road from any election most of the campaign promises are going to be forgotten and they won't have to do jack about any of the problems they screamed were VITAL TO SOLVE NOW befor election day. So they get quietly shoved up on a shelf until the next time they're needed to elect a Democratic candidate.

However, the rules change during wartime. People REMEMBER what was promised (and the Internet's adding an entirely new dimension, because it NEVER forgets) and, in case you didn't notice it, we're in a war. This isn't something that Kerry can turn and walk away from, or bullshit away, this isn't something that we can ignore, or let the UN handle - the war on terror is something that MUST be handled in a forceful manner. Any other method is sure to fail.

Kerry, for all his talk - is just talk. There's no commitment in the man, he'll duck out of anything unpleasant, and I, for one, think he'd be two shades worse than Warren G. Harding as far as a self-centered Presidency goes. He's a bullshit artist, and a con man, and hasn't shown much in the way of leadership or initiative for 20 years in the Senate. I can't see him changing his ways at this late date - though if through some some spectacular mischance (or nationwide collective brain fart) he DOES get elected, I'm going to be on my knees every night praying like anything that he's got a lot more depth, committment, character and common sense than he's displayed so far.

But I think an awful lot of people have seen Kerry for what he is - and won't be buying him on Nov. 2nd. That loud clamor of support you hear? Well, consider the common tree frog. In the night, you'd swear from their sound that they were five feet high - but in the daylight, they're two inches at most...


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