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Shaking VP Cheney's Hand

>> Friday, October 22, 2004

What a day! Jody has been having cramps for the past couple of days, so I thought we would be spending the day/night at the hospital. Alas, Brenna still has yet to make an appearance.

That means that I was able to greet VP Cheney and his wife Lynn at the Des Moines Airport this afternoon. Go here for the pictures. He was on his way to the Story County Fairgrounds for another speech in Iowa today.

The Vice President and Mrs. Cheney were both really nice and spoke a few words to each of us. Not much of a story besides meeting the the VP, but quite an experience all the same.


Jerry 8:45 AM  

Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys - hope the delivery goes well!


Stu 1:11 PM  

Wow, you have pictures of Cheney and I have pictures of Kerry over at my blog.

Doug H 1:34 PM  

Hilllllarious Stu!

For those that want to see, go here....

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