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Democrat is a bad word

>> Saturday, October 23, 2004

Carter is our nephew. He overheard his mother telling me a story: she asked a friend if he was a Democrat because he couldn't choose a side and stick with it. Ever since then, Carter has screamed 'Democrat...AAAHHH!' when he hears someone say Democrat. Democrat has become a bad word.

The video is a Quicktime .MOV (4.5 Mb) because that's what our camera can make. I'm trying to find a converter but I'm not willing to plunk down several hundred dollars for one.

UPDATE: Carter watching himself on the video and laughing. Probably more for the family.... [download is 4.5Mb]


(((Thought Criminal))) 9:35 PM  

Sounds like your nephew exhibits early signs of being a superior intellect. I hope he doesn't become traumatized at the thought that his Presidential namesake was a Democrat...AAAHHH! You could always comfort him with Beamish's Third Political Maxim, which states that the absolute worst President in United States history is always the last Democrat elected to that office. Kennedy was the worst, until Johnson; until Carter; until Clinton. You can actually trace it back to the early days of Democrats, when minorities were treated as slaves and cannon fodder, rather than welfare hostages and undecided voters.

Jen H 9:11 AM  
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Jen H 9:13 AM  

I chose his name not because of President Carter, but because I loved the name and it also happened to be a family name. My great-uncle's name is also Carter. Which also means HE couldn't have been named for Jimmy Carter, as I believe they would be pretty close in age. I really didn't think about his name being linked to a former President until this presidential race really heated up! Carter's Mom

(((Thought Criminal))) 10:22 AM  

Well, still, he doesn't share a namesake with the worst President in US History anymore, at least as of January 20th, 1992. ;-)

Jen H 2:18 PM  

So true! Always look at the bright side!!!

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