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>> Monday, November 19, 2007

The girls just went down for their naps. After the last 4 very busy days they both need to catch up on their zzzzz's....

I just took a batch of layered pumpkin muffins out fo the oven. Mmmm... My house smells like pumpkin pie.

And now I sit at my desk, which is piled high with paperwork that needs filed, debit slips to enter into Quicken, a birth announcement that I must send a card for soon... and software that needs transferred from my "old" laptop to my "new" laptop so the old one can go in for a big check-up before the warranty expires.

And since all that is just sitting there, waiting for me to attack it, I will show you, instead, a photo of my new laptop bag.

I had initially planned to make my own bag but I couldn't find a pattern I really liked- or one that fit a 17" laptop- and creating my own pattern was a task that I really didn't feel like taking on any time soon.

So I Googled "stylish laptop bags" and came up with... not a lot. Then I remembered Etsy. I don't go there alot because I could easily spend hours just surfing through all the great hand-made items. And I found Janine King Designs. She's been creating bags for 15 years and has a 100% positive feedback. I am definately thinking of getting one of her iPod/phone cases for my new video camera (after I measure it to make sure it would fit).

I love this bag and highly recommend Janine King Designs if you need a stylish bag for anything... Maybe I'll give one away sometime...


sue 3:34 PM  

Oooo... very nice! I may have to check that out.

Hope you're feeling a bit better and things settle out for you before the week gets busy again. :)

Iowa Bob 7:13 PM  

Jody, you saved my life. Okay, that may be a little dramatic, But Cindy just got a new laptop on Friday, and asked for a "unique" bag for it for Christmas. I checked their site out - Perfect.

Thanks again!!!

Jody 9:19 PM  

Bob- I promise she'll love it! I recommend the tote because it has more room...

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