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It Had to Happen

>> Tuesday, November 27, 2007

After the last few days there was just no way to avoid it. It was just getting too difficult to handle.

Yes, I am talking about static. Specifically hair static. My poor girls both have my hair- lots of it but rather fine and very prone to static in the winter. Which is why I always cut my hair during the winter.

Caelan is lucky as she doesn't really have enough hair to make much of a statement yet. Brenna, on the other hand, looks like she has been the static exhibit at the science fair.

Today we were at the grocery store and the girls were "driving" the plastic car that is so conveniently attached to the shopping cart. Now I'm not sure if you are aware of this but plastic conducts static. So after a few minutes Brenna's hair was literally standing on end and clinging to the plastic. Much like this:
Ya know, that kind of reminds me of Bill the Cat... Anyway, a rather rude teen aged stock boy ever so kindly asked me if I knew what my daughter's hair looked like. I just laughed it off and said something about static being awful and wheeled my cart away hoping that he wasn't eying my daughter as some sort of science project.

So tonight after dinner and before bed Brenna got a new do:

Of course the static will get ahold of this, too. But at least there is less of it to deal with.


Fantastagirl 8:26 PM  

She looks soo cute! Tink is just 1/2 inch away from being long enough to donate to locks for love - and yet I am so frustrated with her waist length hair. and it's soooo baby fine.

Unknown 10:25 PM  

Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I hate the static.

I'm whacking both my girls' hair off in the next month.

Jodi 9:20 AM  

My kids all have this problem too. To help stop it my sister who is a hairdresser says to use a clarifying shampoo because it will remove the buildup on their hair that is causing the static.

And to help prevent it after shampooing I buy a leave in conditioner product and put that in their hair. It helps somewhat.

I also keep a small tube in my purse so when we are shopping or the kids are at school and their hair gets full of static they can rub it in their hands and rub it on their hair.

Jody 12:13 PM  

Leave in conditioners only help so much- and can also get greasy. As for clarifying, it too helps a bit but if you use it too often it will strip the hair of natural oils- which can make it more staticy.

I've been a licensed cosmetologist since 1989... Which is why we save tons of $$ on haircuts and products. :)

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