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Another Commercial That Makes Me Want to Shoot the TV

>> Wednesday, November 28, 2007

As I said before we are inundated with political TV ads. Hillary has a new one that makes me cringe.

In it you see a father telling you about his son's illness and how a bone marrow transplant wasn't going to be covered by insurance.

** Evil conservative note: Nowhere in the ad does it say what illness the child had or if the bone marrow transplant was an approved procedure or a "maybe it will work" procedure. Insurance companies won't usually cover "it may work-it may not" procedures or new technology.

Then you hear about how this man called Senator Clinton to explain his plight and the next day one of her staff called back and told him the the hospital was waiving the cost of the surgery.

The commercial finishes with him saying something along the lines of "They say she can't be trusted; I trusted her with my son's life".

Now, it's a very touching commercial- Hillary saved a boy's life (or so the assumption is). Awwww...

But can we focus on the very important part of the comercial, namely the hospital waiving the cost of the surgery.

Now you know darn well that hospitals can't go around doing free surgery or they would go out of business- case in point, hospitals along our southern border are closing due to people coming across the border for health care and not paying. (Link here and here. There are plenty more...)

So that takes us to "Hillary care". We already know that Hillary will have to raise taxes to pay for it. She has told us that. (Ourselves, we would be paying almost double per month than we are now self insuring.) But besides that...

Treatment depends on many factors:
1) your overall health (or how long you have lived, how long you can live without the treatment, how long you would be expected to live if you had the treatment)
2) take that "ranking" and insert yourself into the list of all the people needing surgery. If you won't die tomorrow you may have a bit of a wait.
3) procedures deemed unnecessary or experimental will still not be covered and you'll be paying out of pocket.

So, tell me again... What are the benefits, other than a nice "feel good" commercial?


Jill 11:00 AM  

Very true and all good points. I don't spend much time even trying to figure out Hilda-Beast's platform, but I did hear Obama say her health care would be MANDATORY for everyone. That just makes no sense and how in the world does she think she would enforce something like that? Like the government needs one more thing to monitor. ha! ha! and ha!

Tamara B 12:39 PM  

ooh, you get me all riled up about this crap. it just drives me crazy how people skew things so wrongly.

...wait a minute, now that I read Jill's comment, this might be a good idea...something else for the government to monitor. That's job security for me baby! Okay, I'm seriously kidding and in no form would I ever support this idea, even if I do work for the gov.

ghuff 8:23 PM  

Way to go Jody, I told Grandpa, that disease is so horrible it doesn't even have a name. And how many ordinary citizens could get through to the "Great Lady" if they tried. Phooooey !!!

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