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For Those "Other" Gifts

>> Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have people on my Christmas list that I don’t really know very well. People like our investment advisor… My chiropractor (who I can’t live without) and his staff… The teachers at Brenna’s pre-school… And personal clients of Doug’s who we need to thank for their business.

People this important to our livelihood, comfort and children deserve a thoughtful gift, something that conveys our thanks.

I usually turn to iGourmet for one of their holiday gift baskets. I actually received one of their gift baskets a few years ago – it was cheese - and was so impressed by the quality of their products that I ordered some for my boss. He was such a difficult guy to please- and he loved it! Since then I have used iGourmet often. And I always get a great “Thank You” from everyone I send them to.


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