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Dear Readers

>> Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I made a mistake. I had a post with an address to send a card to a recovering American Soldier. It was pointed out to me by Renae that I didn't do my homework on this one.

Due to people who would like to injure our soldiers' minds, bodies and spirits any mail labeled "A recovering American Soldier" will be destroyed.

So I will ask you to mention Soldiers' Angels and ask your readers to help remember all our soldiers this year.

A couple of posts down I told you about a company that donated holiday cards and blank cards to Soldiers' Angels for their care packages. Of course most of us don't have that kind of resource.

But there are many ways to touch the life of a soldier- you can "adopt" a soldier, join one of the many teams, make a donation or shop in the Soldiers' Angels store.

You can also support the USO by making a donation or volunteering.

Sorry about this mistake and please, at this time of the year for giving thanks and spreading joy, please don't forget our troops.


Anonymous 5:58 AM  

Sad that it has to be that way, great that you are helping out. Happy Thanksgiving!

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