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>> Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brenna is getting old enough now to recognize holidays. For the longest time we heard "today is my birthday"or "today is Halloween". Now we are decorating for Christmas... Every day I hear, "Is today Christmas?" The concept of "one month" or "thirty days" is foreign to her.

What she does understand is that the boxes that are showing up at the door contain good stuff. "Is it for me?" she asks about every one. She loves to get mail.

So I am thinking about surprising her with one of these Letters From Santa. It is completely customizable and with 30 different letters I don't have to worry about a different one for Caelan. With a Santa Clause postmark and certification from elves... I can think of a few adults who would like this.

Santa even sends a postcard from the beach after Christmas. This is really just too cool.

PS If you know a stamp collector this would also be a great gift. The commemorative post mark is used only during the month of December and retired at the end of the year- never to be used again.


jennhuff 5:39 AM  

you can also send your christmas cards to the town of santa claus indiana with a postmark from santa claus.

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