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Let the Decorating Begin

>> Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Last Sunday Doug & I pulled all the Christmas decorations out of storage. So far only a few things are up: the outdoor decorations and the small pre-lit tree in the Great Room. All the other boxes are in the basement waiting to be unpacked.

I have opened one of those boxes; the box with the Christmas lights . I always open that one with trepidation before I actually need it. I just never know what kind of mess I may find.

Of course I try to get all the lights wrapped neatly before storage to cut down on swearing the next year but it doesn’t always happen. Then there is the ceremonial pre-lighting to check for burnt out bulbs. And, always, there is the entire strand that won’t light because one bulb is bad. Which leads to the individual removal and checking of every bulb… And at least one broken bulb.

I know I’ll be buying at least one new string of lights this year. I’m going to invest in LED Christmas Lights. They may cost a bit more but to my way of thinking it will be worth it.

• LED lights have a one piece construction- no little bulbs escaping the string to be stepped on later.
• LED lights last twice as long (50,000 hours compared to 25,000)
• LED lights are 90% more efficient
• No fragile glass bulbs

Now, I like the fact that LED holiday lights are efficient and they last twice as long but the real selling point for me is that those little LED mini lights won't injure the girls. Caelan puts absolutely everything in her mouth and I really don't want to hear the crunch of glass coming from her vicinity.


cchuff 3:00 PM  

Family dollar has LED lights; saw them today.

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