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Christmas Traditions of Old

>> Thursday, November 15, 2007

I love to learn the lore and traditions of times past. Especially around holidays; it just makes them feel more special.

I found an interesting bit about Christmas Pudding the other day when I was randomly bouncing around Christmas sites.

The traditional pudding has 13 ingredients, in honour of Jesus and his disciples. Making the pudding should be a family affair, with each person taking
a turn to stir. Be sure to make a wish as you stir from East to West, thus
representing the Wise Men on their journey. And remember to toss in a lucky coin
as you mix. Whoever finds it on Christmas Day will supposedly find wealth and
happiness. Any coin will do, although tradition recounts threepenny bits or a
sixpence if you were really lucky.

For a great presentation you would douse it with Brandy and bring it to the table in flames.

Of course noone makes Christmas Pudding anymore- unless it comes from a box. Ugh.

If you want a traditional Christmas Pudding there is one company that has been creating them since 1899- Matthew Walker. It's the next best thing to home-made.


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