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So... Was on John Edwards' Website

>> Monday, November 26, 2007

OK, I know that caused many of you to pause.

Now that you have let that sink in let's move onward. I was laughing and Doug asked, "What?"

"I'm on John Edwards' website." I replied.

"Glutton for punishment?" Doug asked.

Well, no, not really. I really feel the need to know what people are using as talking points. I actually hit this website because of a commercial that has been running here the past month or so. In it he states that the Democratic party needs to grow a backbone and "stand up for the working men and women" because, without the Democratic party, these people have no voice.

That commercial has rubbed me wrong since it began airing here in Iowa.

Aside: I know that many of you have no idea what I am talking about as you aren't inundated with the political malarkey we are so early in the campaign cycle (starting like last December).

Anyway, this commercial really rubs me wrong because John Edwards has his facts wrong. The Democratic party does not wield the power. Neither, in fact, does the Republican party. The power is wielded by the people. As in "We The People".

The politicians work for us and it's about time we remembered that and began holding them accountable. In this age of Internet and instant news it is easier than ever to know what our representatives are up to, what they are sponsoring and whether they are following the wishes of the people who hold the power- their constituents.

The power of change belongs to us. Not to a politician who is, honestly, only looking to further his or her career and agenda.

So, on to why I was laughing... On the right side of the front page of his website you see this:

Now, this leads me to believe that fighting global warming is pretty high on his "to do" list. So seeing this right next to it gave me pause:

Because a road trip doesn't seem to be quite the thing to do, quite frankly. And since John is fighting for the "working man", who doesn't have the money to buy a Prius or carbon offsets, I would have to guess that many of those who would join his "road trip" would be burning straight gasoline in their automobiles with internal combustion engines.

And that, quite simply, is why I was laughing.

Of course, they could ride horses. Which actually would be worse as the methane emissions are worse for the environment. Which brings me to a more important question, and the one time I will probably ever side with PETA- if you are really concerned about global warming, John, will you become a vegetarian?

In a groundbreaking 2006 report, the United Nations (U.N.) said that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. Senior U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization official Henning Steinfeld reported that the meat industry is “one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems.”


Iowa Bob 10:56 PM  

Good for you Jody! I hate it when I hear someone say "Oh, when the Democrats run the country..." or Well, with Republicans running the country..." I always grab these people and shake them and scream "No. I run the country. YOU run the country."

Okay, I don't actually shake them, but I do find myself all too often reminding people of who really runs the country. Look, right now we are in the middle of a two week "recess" in Congress, and yet somehow the sun managed to come up this morning. Also, isn't it interesting that the only two groups getting recess are Congressmen and elementary students.

The other day my liberal friend Chris was complaining about the lack of substance in the campaign, And I explained to him that the commercials and speeches don't need to lay out detailed policy points, that they could get those from their websites. Then I checked out their websites. I have been able to learn that crime and global warning are bad, and jobs and education are good, but I'm not sure why - at least I'm not sure why based on the websites.

Talk about preaching to the lowest common denominator - how sad.

WILLIAM 10:11 AM  

Hi Jody.

I think that Global Warming would be the first thing on my To Do list as well. I want to do everything I can to keep it warm. I like it when it is warm and toasty.

Jody 11:54 AM  

William- you are always so good for a laugh. But I do haveto agree with the warm & toasty part. It's freezing here!

Tamara B 4:33 PM  

william, you crack me up!

Hey Jody, the quote at the bottom says "groundbreaking 2006 report". That's not groundbreaking news, I was hearing that exact information in college!

Jody 4:42 PM  

But Tamara, it was groundbreaking or the UN! You know they are so "cutting edge"...

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