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Places to Go; Things to Do

>> Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I love to travel and explore. And whether my journeys take me over the river or over the ocean really doesn't matter. Beauty lies everywhere.

Once upon a time, almost in another life, I visited Canada. I lived in Minnesota at the time so it was kind of a given that you went to Canada at least once. Of course the trip wasn't really for me- I was kind of a tag along with friends. As a tag along you don't get to do what you want. So I left Canada not really getting a feel for what it could offer.

I do remember the beauty, though. An when I saw Tremblant Montreal I was reminded of my desire to one day return and have a truly great experience.

I am in love with the personal cabins and the gorgeous surroundings. It just looks like a great place to get away with family for some peace and relaxation. And there is a spa opening soon....

Oh, yeah, this really looks like my kind of place.

And another "place to go" is added to my ever expanding list....


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