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Up North

>> Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The girls and I made it to the Twin Cities safely and are currently ensconced in a hotel that cost me very little- which is good as that is, so far, the only thing I really like about it.

My friend Gina came by and brought the girls gifts- shirts that she hand painted. (You're in for a treat as she will be offering a choice of work from her etsy site next week during Bloggy Giveaways).

But now it's late and the girls are squirrelly... I've got to go lay down with them. Ugh... I wish this was a 2 room suite. Seriously, I know better than to share a single room with them...


Anonymous 5:47 AM  
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The Fritz Facts 10:36 AM  

So glad that the trip up was uneventful! Have a great time.

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