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Sometimes My Husband Can Be So Cruel

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

Right now he's viewing Irish estates for sale.

Here's what he's sent me for my "viewing pleasure"

A former convent with 27 bedrooms. Some with ensuite baths and others shared. Hmmm.... I'm thinking hostel...

Or this one... Thornhill Manor... I love places with their own names... sigh... It has a library and beautiful lands...

Or how about Ryehill... two kitchens, two reception rooms, a separate apartment and an office...

Grovehouse is in Cork with a terrace that overlooks the harbour...

Oh, why must he torture me so???


KansasSam 12:14 PM  


I have an invitation to an exciting Ohio event coming up soon that I'd like to get to you. Would you please email me at ken at samadamsalliance dot org so I might get that invitation to you ASAP? I'm trying to contact several bloggers in this fashion. Please reference your blog name when you respond so I know for sure which bloggers I am in touch with.



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